How to fill a wall for a video game store? Simple! You place a nice 3D Mario mural!
3D Murals Super Mario Bros.

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Interior Design

The Idea

Creating an innovative wall painting dedicated to Mario and his world requires a minimum of inventiveness. Here then, the “3D” mural was born.

In the period in which Nintendo promotes the new 3D features for video games, the least that can be done is to try to follow the line drawn by the Japanese house.

The Graphic Design

Video games change, just as the needs of players change. But some titles are unsurpassed. So I chose to represent the 8 Bit style game elements. A dive into the past, or better yet, into the eternal.
The central figure of Mario, however, could not be represented in the same style, because the work would have “flattened”.
So here is a Mario with soft shapes that launches his fist by jumping.

Mario Graphic
And who paints it?

I am not an artist of the brush, nor do I want to be. However, my friendship with Alfonso Nappo comes in handy. He specializes in this type of work and although he has never made such a “big” one, he does not back down and accepts the challenge.
Together we proceeded to draw and paint the murals.

Let’s add the Third Dimension

To make sure that some elements of the initial project “came out of the wall” I turned to the Ideart 3D company, specialized in Polystyrene creations. They made cubes, pipes and plans through the drawings I provided and respecting the measurements.
Fixing the elements to the wall was simple.

Game Over!

The end result is more than satisfactory.
About a month of work to create the mural, but it was worth it …
I had a lot of fun!

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